About Us

Other agencies didn’t get it, so we decided to change the game

In 2016, Chord was founded on the premise of revolutionising the retail industry by rethinking monthly marketing. Our founder Mike discovered that lots of independent retailers were being handed template websites, ghastly logos and ‘that’ll do’ marketing materials.

Mike set out to change this, and started listening to the people in charge of retailers, who are actually quite trendy and knowledgable people (who knew!). Using a new approach, it soon became clear that working collaboratively with clients helped to bring out the best of each company we worked with, meaning more interest marketing and design.

From there, Chord continued to grow, working with more retailers and even adding retail suppliers to our client list. Every customer received the same bespoke service, never resorting to using templates or just copying the larger players in the industry.

Today, Chord works with many retailers and suppliers in and around the UK as well as some in the EU. All of our clients say the same thing, bespoke marketing is best and the effect of our work has massively improved their business and profits.

If you need to revolutionise your marketing, we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Our best selling retailer monthly marketing package

Only £500+VATp/m

Social Media Management | Website Updates | Sale Event Planning | Brand Design | Print Collateral | & loads more!

Chord's key values

Totally Bespoke

We hate templates, so much so that we don’t use Wordpress or any other out of the box system. Everything we do is custom built, meaning the sky is the limit with what we can help you achieve. Custom product builder? Interactive stockist finder? We can do it all quickly and professionally too.

Dream Big

Nobody should be in business and want to just get by, you need to dream big to achieve big. We work with you on projects with the next 10 years in mind, not just the next invoice like other agencies. Our aim is to help you grow and expand, with us by your side ready to start the next phase of your development.

Look Forward

It’s common for people to repeat something that worked last year every year, but that’s a disaster waiting to happen. We work with customers to rethink their marketing every year, so no two Boxing Day sales or trade exhibitions are the same. You should be the one changing the game, and we can help you do just that.

Quality Services

This one is down to us and we take it very seriously. Our team regularly take training and refresher courses on the latest marketing and web methods to ensure we are always providing the best services to our customers. We ensure that every piece of advice or design we give you is the best on the market.

Have Fun

Let’s be honest, nobody likes a Scrooge. We keep things fun and have a laugh, grab coffees with clients for the sake of a chat and work to be fun as well as successful with your project. We’re here to change your marketing and company sales for the better, and we’d like to think we make it all a bit more enjoyable too.

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